About us

About Us: Trilliant Diamonds LLC - Your Source for Excellence in Lab Grown Diamonds

At Trilliant Diamonds LLC, we are at the forefront of a sparkling revolution in the diamond industry. With a profound evolution from wholesaling natural diamonds and jewelry, we have seamlessly transitioned to become a premier wholesaler of high-quality lab-grown diamonds and lab-grown diamond jewelry. Situated in the heart of New York's renowned Diamond District, our office at 38 W 48 St #203 pulsates with innovation and expertise, emanating from decades of experience held by our visionary promoters.

A Legacy of Expertise and Innovation:

Our journey is paved with decades of hands-on experience in the diamond industry, endowing us with an unparalleled edge in understanding the nuances of this timeless gem. Our promoters, armed with their rich heritage in the diamond trade, have harnessed their innovative prowess to build a platform that sources exceptional lab-grown diamonds from esteemed partner factories in both India and the United States. This strategic collaboration empowers us to procure top-tier lab-grown diamonds, pulsating with brilliance, at remarkably competitive prices.

Unveiling the Core Strength:

At the very core of Trilliant Diamonds LLC, lies our unwavering commitment to provide luxury retail stores with access to high-quality lab-grown diamonds and jewelry, directly within the United States. Our mission is further fortified by a team of seasoned diamond graders, whose discerning eyes meticulously select only the finest stones for our esteemed clientele. We take pride in offering lab-grown diamonds of over one carat, meticulously graded and certified by globally revered institutions such as the International Gemological Institute and the Gemological Institute of America. This unwavering dedication to excellence ensures that every gemstone we offer is an epitome of quality, transparency, and authenticity.

Meet Our Diamond Maven:

Leading our charge with an impeccable track record spanning four decades in the United States' diamond industry is Carol Newcomen, our Vice President of Sales. Carol's unwavering commitment, coupled with her unparalleled expertise, has played an instrumental role in shaping the diamond landscape. Her dedication serves as a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering excellence and forging enduring relationships with our clients.

At Trilliant Diamonds LLC, we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey where tradition converges with innovation, and brilliance is redefined. Experience the allure of lab-grown diamonds like never before, as we usher in a new era of luxury, ethics, and sophistication.